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Alisha Tarver has over 10 years of experience in customer service and office management. She first obtained an associates degree in Accounting and Business Administration, then went on to receive a bachelors degree in Corporate Communications from Penn State University.


 Tarver gained experience as a communications and public relations professional through her work with the Spring 2021 Be Greater Creative. She partnered with this undergraduate public relations planning team, to develop a strategic public relations plan for the National Museum of Broadcasting in Pittsburgh; which is a nonprofit organization that memorializes radio’s legacy.

Tarver gained technical writing experience as an editor and staff writer for Penn State Greater Allegheny's campus newspaper, titled the GA-Zette. Her main assignments were press releases, diversity, equity, and inclusion reporting. She has also interviewed multiple influential people such as Vanessa Williams, the first Black Miss America, and Maxwell King, author of Mr. Fred Roger's biography "The Good Neighbor"


Tarver envisions a future where Currency Better Than Cash LLC has made contributions to and helped craft a world where BIPOC community members, and essentially Black women, feel economically and financially empowered.


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Alisha Tarver

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